2004: Lorraine LeStorti

Lorraine LeStorti has shared her remarkable and wide-ranging artistic talents with ACA for many years. A professional graphic artist in Dowlestown, Pennsylvania, she has created numerous logos and other graphic designs for ACAoften in tight time frames. She has also done notable work on the design and handling of the ACA awards. We honor Lorraine for generously volunteering countless hours of her time and sharing her highly creative spirit with ACA in so many ways.

2003: Lynne Krause 

Lynne Krause is the director of the Naval Inventory Control Point's Philadelphia Site Learning Center. Krause's major focus is applying and teaching the theories and concepts of whole brain design and learning in the workplace. She teaches courses in mentoring and coaching skills, team building, curriculum design, accelerated learning techniques, whole brain strategic thinking, using a whole brain approach with seven habits of highly effective people, mind mapping, and creative thinking skills. She is a recipient of the "Big Thinker Award" presented by Herrmann International for her creative and innovative use of whole brain technology. Krause served on the board of directors of the American Creativity Association and is the current executive director.

2002: Ann Anderson 

Ann Anderson is a cornerstone of the ACA organization and has been a pillar of strength from its very beginning. She supplies the history, tradition, and conscience of the organization, engendering enthusiasm and loyalty from everyone who works with her. Ann Anderson currently acts as ACA's Communications Director, publishing Focus and handling many of the day-to-day details of ACA operations.

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